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Capture Screenshot on Huawei Ascend Mobile

Got Original brand new Huawei Ascend Phone ? Do you want to take screenshot on Huawei Ascend Mobile? Is it easy to capture the display screen as screenshot as like other Android Phones? Yes. It’s very simple you to use. Follow few steps which are given to below to take the beautiful screenshot on your Huawei Ascend Mobile Phone

How to take screenshot on Huawei Ascend Mobile Phone:

Taking Screenshot in the Huawei Ascend is same like Android Mobile Phones. Huawei Ascend is one of the stunningly beautiful metal bodies at an unbelievable 6.18 millimeter’s thin Mobile phone. People say Huawei Ascend Mobile Phone is true perfection of elegance & style. let’s stop review about the product. Now let me explain how to catch the screenshot on Huawei Ascend.

Huawei Ascend Mobile Phone
Huawei Ascend Mobile Phone

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Steps to capture Screenshot on Huawei Ascend Phone:

Check out how to capture screenshot on Huawei Ascend Mobile below.

Method #2 [Button Combination method]

Step #1: Take the display screen that you want to capture on Huawei Ascend Mobile Phone.

Step #2: Hold on ‘Volume Down‘ and ‘Power’ button simultaneously on your Huawei for 2-3 sec.

Step #4: That’s it. Taken screenshot is stored on the Huawei Phone gallery on the default location (i.e) Gallery > Screenshot Folder

Kindly revert on comments if you have queries on capturing screenshot on Huawei Ascend Phones

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