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Capture Screenshot on Karbonn S5 Titanium Mobile Phone

Taking Screenshot of Karbonn S5 titanium Mobile Phone. Karboon S5 titanium is an smartphone developed by Indians. The indian developers are saying that it’s exclusively or specially designed for Indians. All the Karbonn Phones such as Karbonn S5 titanium have an option to capture Screenshot on Karbonn  or to take Screenshot on Karbonn  as like other Android Mobile Phone.

How to Capture Screenshot Karbonn S5 titanium?

Catching Snapshot on Karbonn S5 titanium, the android mobile phone designed in a way to take screenshot easily. You don’t need to download and install the android application using android development kit and also you don’t need to root your device for taking screenshot on the Mobile Phone. As said already, it was designed by Indian but it got all the features as like other phones.

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Steps to take screenshot on Karbonn S5 titanium:

Karbonn S5 Titanium Smartphone’s have good display screen where you can play games, install apps etc.. Read the steps carefully to capture screenshot on your Karbonn S5 android mobile phone

Step #1: Select the display screen that you want to perform the operation of screenshot.

Step #2: As like other Smartphone’s the Karbonn Phones also need two keys such as ‘Power key & volume Control button’. Power key button will be on the right hand side and other will be on the opposite

Step #3: Immediately Just Press & hold the Power key button  and now press Volume key down’ button together simultaneously where are both are different ends

Step #4: you will hear a small click sound and a flash animation display on your phone for a second. That’s it. your Process of capturing screenshot on Karbonn S5 finest and it is stored in the memory

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