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Capture Screenshot On LG G Pro Lite Mobile

LG G Pro Lite is a dual SIM Android Mobile Phone with inbuilt Capture Screenshot functionality. Take Print screen on your LG G Pro Lite Mobile Phone easily now. LG Pro Lite Smart Phone is becoming more famous among people. Because of its cheap price and the inbuilt functionality of taking screenshot of Pro Lite Phone.

How to Capture Screenshot LG G Pro Lite Mobile Phone?

LG G Pro Lite Mobile Phone have both single SIM and dual SIM Mobile Phone. As said already taking screenshot on the android Phone is an easy process. Similarly the LG G Pro Lite is an android Mobile, it will be very easy for you to take screenshot of your mobile screen. Catching Snapshot in the Android Mobile Phone is very easy and simple process. you just need to follow the steps to get screenshot on your Mobile Phone. We also gave pictorial representation to catch screenshot on phone as like below

LG G Pro Lite Mobile Phone LG G Pro Lite Android Mobile Phone

Steps to take screenshot On LG G Pro Lite:

Step #1: Move to the Screen that you want to capture the image as screenshot.

Step #2: Now Press & Hold on the ‘Power’ & ‘Volume Down’ buttons simultaneously buttons simultaneously

Step #3: You can hear a small sound. At the same time you can find the display fade for a second.

Step #4: That’s it. Now your image screenshot gets stored on the Mobile. you will also receive a notification that it has been saved

Locate Your Screenshot: It should get stored in the Micro SD card, if not on the phone memory. Do let us know where it get stored from LG users.

Tips For LG Phones :

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Do let us know review about the LG Phone from the real users & let us know whether the tutorial was helpful to you. If you find it useful ,don’t forget it to share this article with your LG friends.

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