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Capture Screenshot on Sony Xperia E1 Mobile Phone

Sony Xperia E1 is an latest mobile phone developed with new addition features by Xperia Sony Phone family. We will share the straight forward technique to take screenshot on Xperia E1 handset to your mobile.

How to Capture Screenshot Sony Xperia E1?

Taking Snapshot in Sony Xperia E1 will take only fraction of seconds. Here is an smart way  to capture screenshot on Sony Xperia E1 Mobile Phones. However these days, the stock Android is developed with Screenshot Feature

Sony Xperia E1
Sony Xperia E1 Mobile Phone

Steps to take screenshot on Sony Xperia E1:

Android Jelly Bean v 4.3  is the operating system behind Sony Xperia E1, you can simple take screenshot on it. You might need to do rooting and install various android app with android development kit. Follow the steps to do the same

Step #1: Switch on the Sony Xperia E1 Phone , decide the screen that you want to do the same. You can share the screenshot image with WhatsApp conversation, chatting app etc..

Step #2: Volume keys & Power Key are at the right edge of the Phone. You need the volume down key & power key for this

Step #3: Now Just  hold the Power key button  and now press ‘Volume down button’ Simultaneously.

Step #4: Within a fraction of second your image will be appear on the notification bar that it has been captured.

Note:  Now the screenshot will be saved on the memory. You can track it either manually through the notification bar after taking screenshot or by searching in phone gallery & Screenshot folder at anytime.

Tips to Sony Xperia Mobile Phones :

Do you Want to root your Sony Mobile Phones ?. Check out : How to root your Mobile Phone

You can always comment us , if you face any troubles while doing the same. we will reply for your queries with proper solution as soon as possible.

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