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Modify Font Type & Size in LG G Pro2 Mobile Phone

LG Pro 2 Mobile Phone comes with an option of changing the font type , adjusting the font size to make it better viewable for reading the messages. Many of the Mobile Phones , android phones don’t have any option for changing the font and customize it .

But LG provided to have better look interface with font type and different types of sizes as we on their LG Pro 2 mobile phone

How to Change Font Type & Modify the Font Size in LG G Pro 2 Mobile Phone?

You just need to follow the steps given below to alter the font type and size of the font in your LG Mobile 🙂

Change Font Size & Font Type on LG Phones
Change Font Size & Font Type on LG Phones

Steps to Adjust the Font Size in LG Pro 2:

Step #1: Open your LG Mobile Phone Go to Settings Option

Step #2: Now Tap on Display

Step #3: Select Font. You can find two option under the division. 1. Font Size 2. Font Type

Note: There are few font types that are available in LG G Pro 2 by default  which are given below. The fonts that are available on the LG G Pro 2 are

1. Travel   2. Coffee 3. Roboto  4. Smart Gothic 5. Foxrain 6. Coffee 7. Pure white 6. serif

You can select any one of them from your mobile to have better feel to read the message with comfort

Steps to Change the Font Type in LG Pro 2:

Step #1: Under the Font Type option you can see an called “Font Type”. Both will be under font section.

Step #2: Tap on Font Size

Step #3: You can see the default one will be medium , now Select any other and change the font size

Note: There are few options like Minimum ,Small , Medium, Large, very Large & Maximum

How to install Downloaded Font in LG Pro 2 Mobile Phone:

            Are you are not happy with the fonts provided by the LG ? Now LG Provides an option for LG user in LG Pro 2 Mobile Like you can download the font and install it on your mobile phone. Happy ! Let see how to download and install favorite font on your LG Pro 2 Mobile Phone.

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Download Keyboard button
Download Keyboard button

Steps to Download and Install New Font in LG Pro 2:

Step #1: Again Go to Settings > Display > Font

Step #2: Select Font Type.

Step #3: Now you can see a “Add fonts” at the below. Tap on it

Step #4: It will be redirected to LG smartworld where you need to register your account before accessing the font directory. thought which you can download and install the favorite font from it.

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Feel free to post your comments if you got any clarification on changing the font type & size in LG Pro 2 Mobile Phone

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