One Hand Typing Mode Keyboard for iPhone

One handed typing Keyboard Mode prototype is developed by Microsoft for iOS devices. Do you have a habit of one handed typing in your old mobile phone? Are you typing with two hands on the android or iOS keyboard? Next generation for android & iOS keyboard is going to introduced? Check out below on how to activate the One handed typing mode on your smartphones.

Screenshot of One Hand Keyboard Typing Mode

Microsoft has developed one handed typing Mode which helps iOS and android users to text faster than usual. Want to see the Screenshot of One Hand Keyboard Typing Mode? Windows Mobile Phone have excellent keyboard. People say that it’s much better than default iOS Keyboard & Android Keyboard. Now Microsoft is planning to make its word flow keyboard available for other platforms like iOS & android devices. Want to see captured screenshot of One Hand Keyboard now ?

One hand Typing Mode iPhone
One hand Typing Mode iPhone

Advantage of this One Hand Keyboard:

  • You Can hold the mobile with single hands
  • Type faster
  • User Friendly
  • You can swipe/type the letter in one hand
  • Word flow will be very easy when compared to normal layout

The iOS & Android devices are currently tested out with the one hand typing Keyboard internally. They say that soon it will be available for public testing. Microsoft has also officially revealed new iOS keyboard Screenshot which enabled one handed Mode). Do u like taken screenshot of one handed Keyboard?  As we said earlier, it is currently not implemented in iOS devices but if you still like the screenshot and you want to check out the new cool feature then you can try with Windows 10 Mobile keyboard. Windows 10 Mobile Phone has One handed mode as like the snapshot above. The new keyboard screenshot looks like they just shifts to the side which will more compact used in iOS Version.

Excited to see the screenshot of new iOS Keyboard? Wait for some time to get the same as like in the screenshot. Initially it will be launched for iOS devices then it will be launched for other android devices

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