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How to Capture Screenshot on Honor7i Mobile

Huawei Honor 7i Screenshot is very easy to take on the new Huawei mobile Phone. There are many types of taking screenshot on Honor 7i Phone. Most of the people have doubt like capturing screenshot on Huawei is like other android phone. Even I got confused on the same. Here is an ultimate guide for the Huawei users on “How to take screenshot on Huawei Honor 7i”

How to take screenshot on Huawei Honor 7i

As we said earlier to capture screenshot on Huawei Honor 7i you need to follow the steps which are given below. The steps for taking the screenshot are given in detail. It will be very easy to understand. Before proceeding to take screenshot on the smartphone make sure you are having enough charge, else just charge it. Because if the charge is low, then while taking screenshot it might get switched off. Follow the steps carefully now

Huawei Honor 7i
Huawei Honor 7i Mobile PhoneSteps to capture screenshot on Huawei Honor 7i:

Step #1:  Hold the Huawei Honor 7i in the hands

Step #2:  Switch on the Mobile Phone. Make sure you are on the right screen to capture the screenshot.

Step #3: Press and hold Volume down & power buttons at the same time

Step #4: You can hear a tick sound and the screen will get flickered for a fraction of second

Step #5: That’s it! You have taken Honor screenshot Mobile Phone. Also a notification will appear as image captured.

Important Note: The taken Snapshot image will get saved in the Gallery folder. You can use the notification bar to navigate to the exact path.

If you wish you can also check out “How do you screenshot on a Huawei” which would me much helpful for you.

If you still face any issue while taking screenshot during the Honor 7i then you comment us below we will revert as soon as possible

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