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Turn Off Google Camera App Shutter sound – Guide

Google Camera Application available on Google play Store have features like photo Sphere , Lens Blur and Panorama.

But when are using the app you might hear shutter sound of the camera. So people wish to turnoff / disable the camera Shutter sound to silent. Is there is any way to disable the camera shutter sound?

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How to Turn off Google Camera App Shutter sound ?

Most of the teens wish to take photos of others in public without their knowledge. So They want to Turn off the Cam sound . Now you can easily turn off the Camera shutter Sound with the steps given below.

Capturing Photo in Mobile Phone Camera
Capturing Photo in Mobile Phone Camera

Steps to do disable Google camera shutter sound [Temporary Solution] :

You can turn off the shutter sound if you rooted your mobile phone. You just need to rename a file on the android device.  If you are not rooted then you can mute the Android device. All these are temporary solutions.

Steps to do Turn off Google camera shutter sound [Permanent Solution]:

To do these you need to have the device rooted. Do you want to know Purpose of rooting ? Do you want a smart guide with step by step Tutorial For rooting Your Mobile Phone.

Disable Camera Sound App
Disable Camera Sound App

Download the Below app on your Mobile Phone before moving to Step 1

Download & Install ES File Manager App 

Step #1 : Install the ES File Manager app from Google Play Stone. You need this file manager to rename the file name.

Note:  You need to mount the files system to read/write. Initially or Normally Mounted has only read only access so you can’t rename ,move and delete the files.

Step #2 : After installing click the lower left menu key

Step #3 : Enable “Root Explorer” and now tap on it

Step #4: Use “Mount R/W” menu and enable R/W option

Step #5: Go to System/media/audio/ui . You might see a file camera_click.ogg.

Step #6: Rename it .


Note: In futureIf you want to revert the sound, you can do that rename the file

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