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Take Screenshot in Google Chrome without Extensions

Want to take screenshot of Webpage in Google chrome browser? Are you searching for the best ways to capture screenshot of Webpage? Is there any way to get the responsive screenshot of website? Here is an ultimate guide which explains on “How to take screenshot on Google Chrome” without installing any software or third party applications.

How to Capture Screenshot on Google Chrome [Without Extension]

As said earlier there are numerous of taking screenshot of webpage in Google Chrome browser. You can capture screenshot with the following methods as given below

  1. Print Screen Key
  2. Snag It
  3. Windows Snipping Tool
  4. One Note
  5. Third Party Google Chrome Extension

For all these things you need to navigate to some other places and these things will allow capture screenshot of the webpage and you can’t able to take any responsive screenshot of the webpage. Also will not have device frames attached to it. Now Google Chrome new version provides the options for taking screenshot. Let us discuss in detail more below.

Steps for take Screenshot in Google Chrome without installing Extensions:

The New version of the Google Chrome have an option to capture screenshot inbuilt. This new enhancement has been done in the recent updated version. The are other additional features also added to this like you can take responsive screenshots of the web page, add device frames to the web page which will make feel the screenshot are more realistic one.

Follow the below steps to capture screenshot on Google Chrome.

Step #1: Open the Google Chrome browser and webpage you want to take screenshot

Step #2: Now go to Settings -> Tools -> Developer Tools or if your using Windows operating system Press F12. If you are using Mac then press cmd+ Opt+ I

Step #3: Now Click on Device toolbar button or Press Ctrl + shift + M. And now you can see three option 1. To select any mobile device (Any one from the device). After you adjust the width and height of the screenshot then select zoom size that you want to capture.

Step #4: After setting all these things. Click on three dots in the menu which is located at the right corner of the screen. You can tap on “capture screenshot” to take screenshot of the webpage. If you want to embed mobile frame select add device frame and then click the option capture screenshot.

Step #5: After taping Capture Screenshot, the screenshot will be taken as PNG and store on the download folder.

That’s it. Your Screenshot has been taken. Comment us if you still have queries on taking screenshot in Google Chrome without extensions

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