Modify Font Type & Size in LG G Pro2 Mobile Phone

LG Pro 2 Mobile Phone comes with an option of changing the font type , adjusting the font size to make it better viewable for reading the messages. Many of the Mobile Phones , android phones don’t have any option for changing the font and customize it . But LG provided to have better look

Capture Screenshot on LG Tribute Mobile Phone

Got LG Tribute Mobile Phone? Want to know “How to take screenshot on LG Tribute”? Always the Screenshot the inbuilt feature in LG Mobile Phones  will be always different. The Capturing LG Tribute Screenshot is tricky one, because usually the buttons will not be right positions on the LG Mobile Phone. Taking Screenshot in LG

Capture Screenshot on OnePlus One Mobile Phone

Got new OnePlus One? Want to know “How to Capture Screenshot on OnePlus One”? Does OnePlus One Mobile Phone have an inbuilt feature of taking screenshot? You are lucky people to get new one Plus One because many people are waiting for the invite. Only if you want to buy One Plus one you need

Capture Screenshot on LG G Flex 2 Phone

Got LG G Flex 2 Mobile Phone? Want to know “How to take screenshot on LG G Flex 2”? People Started to buy different mobile phone for each year. Things need to be simple and smart for them. I am wondering the screenshot feature is becoming simpler & smarter. LG G Flex2 Mobile has an

Take screenshot on Android smart Phone

Android Mobile Phones, in India are becoming more popular , because of cheap price than Apple iPhone. Taking Screenshot is a important factor you should be aware of it, because it might help in various ways. Consider you have scored higher in a game than your friend. You can just take a snapshot and share