Capture Screenshot on Google Nexus 5 Mobile Phone

Google Nexus 5 is an Smart phone developed & designed by Google. To Capture Screenshot on Google Nexus is very simple process. You just need to follow some technique to capture it easily. How to Capture Screenshot Google Nexus 5? Catching Screenshot on Google Nexus will not take much time. It’s like similar to other

Hide or Disable WhatsApp ‘Last Seen Time’ on iOS

Do you have Boyfriend/Girlfriend who text you in Whatsapp profile 24 * 7, fights with you often for not replying the messages in Whatsapp [When he/she finds WhatsApp last seen at time]. Do you got friends hate you for reading their messages but not replying for them. The Simple Solution for this problem is to

Capture Screenshot On Nokia XL Mobile Phone

Nokia XL  is new low end Android Phone by Nokia family as like Motorola Moto E. Even the low end models got the screenshot facility since people wish to share the game scores photos images they draw etc… How to Capture Screenshot Nokia XL Mobile Phone? Nokia XL is low end Android phone , So

Turn Off Google Camera App Shutter sound – Guide

Google Camera Application available on Google play Store have features like photo Sphere , Lens Blur and Panorama. But when are using the app you might hear shutter sound of the camera. So people wish to turnoff / disable the camera Shutter sound to silent. Is there is any way to disable the camera shutter

Move & Restore WhatsApp Messages on Mobile Phone

WhatsApp Messenger is one most used messenger these days where you can send free SMS messages to your friends. Even though you got lot of free SMS application are available on the Google Play Store, WhatsApp is one of the best messenger for sending free SMS Devices Supported : It supports for most of the