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Capture Screenshot on LG Tribute Mobile Phone

Got LG Tribute Mobile Phone? Want to know “How to take screenshot on LG Tribute”? Always the Screenshot the inbuilt feature in LG Mobile Phones  will be always different. The Capturing LG Tribute Screenshot is tricky one, because usually the buttons will not be right positions on the LG Mobile Phone. Taking Screenshot in LG Flex2 will become simpler after reading my article. Let’s not waste the time, check out the steps & procedures to take screenshot on Tribute Mobile Phones.

How to take screenshot on LG Tribute Mobile Phone:

Taking screenshot in the LG Tribute is easy now. LG Tribute was introduced into the market in 2014. LG Mobile Phone are becoming more popular now ever days with people. LG G2 & G3 was trending last year in India. Now Tribute was introduced in 2014. Follow the below steps to capture a smart screenshot on your Tribute Mobile Phone.

LG Tribute Mobile Phone
LG Tribute Mobile Phone

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Steps to capture Screenshot on LG Tribute:

Step #1: Navigate to the Mobile screen that you want to take it as screenshot

Step #2: Hold on Power button & Volume Down button together. The keys are position differently. Make sure your pressing the correct buttons for 2 seconds

Step #3: The screen will give a flash with a sound. That’s it:)

Step #4:  You have taken the screenshot and it is stored on the default screenshot saving location

Note : We are not sure whether it got Quick Memo option to take screenshot. Kindly let us know more about it  if you using this Mobile Phone on comments.

Default Screenshot Saving Location:

The Captured print screen will be on the default ‘Screenshot’  folder as like other Mobile phones. As like other Mobile Phones you can access the respective folder will file explorers and take the screenshot

Bonus Tip : You can view the captured screenshot by simply pulling the down the notification. You can view the captured screenshot and you can easily with friends.

Let us know if you face any issues while taking screenshot

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