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Capture Screenshot on Sony Xperia C Mobile Phone

Sony Xperia C  is valuable product from the Xperia family. All the Sony Xperia Mobile Phones have an option to capture screenshot with inbuilt functionality of the mobile Phone

How to Capture Screenshot Sony Xperia C?

Taking Screenshot on Sony Xperia C , well designed and manufactures with inbuilt features to capture Snapshot easily. since there is an inbuilt option for catching , you don’t need to root your mobile phone or download & install the android application.

Sony Xperia C Mobile Phone
Sony Xperia C Mobile Phone

Steps to take screenshot on Sony Xperia C:

Sony Xperia C Smartphone’s  will always have good display screen with much clarity than any other mobiles. And also no other phone can beat the camera Quality. Read the below steps to capture your score as screenshot and update it on your Facebook status . There were two method for the same.

Method #1:

Step #1: Select the screen that you want to capture as screenshot

Step #2: As like other Xperia Smartphone’s Sony Xperia C  also has the same process. We need two keys such as ‘Power key & volume Control button’ available at the right side of the Xperia phone

Step #3: Now Straight away Just Press & hold the Power key button  and now press Volume key down’ button together (Hold it for 2 sec)

Step #4: A flash display and a small click sound will appear on the phone in a second. That’s it. You have captured the Screenshot

Method 2:

Step #1: Just Press and hold the Power key which is present at the right side of your mobile phone.

Step #2: A dialog  box will be prompted on the screen

Step #3: Just tap on the Screenshot option which is available on the screen.

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