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How capture screenshot on Freedom 251 Mobile

Take screenshot on Freedom 251 android mobile. Got new freedom 251 Phone? Do you have any idea to capture screenshot in freedom 251 Mobile Phone? Most of the people bought freedom 251 mobile since it is one world’s cheapest android phone manufactured by Indians. In freedom 251 smart phone there are several options for taking screenshot which are given below.

How to take screenshot on Freedom 251 Mobile Phone:

To take screenshot in android phone is always an easy task. But how about to capture the screen image on freedom 251? Is it easy? Catching the display image in 251 freedom is very simple as like other mobile phones.  If you want to do the print screen immediately then check out the steps below for capturing a beautiful screenshot on the mobile phone and store it on gallery.


Steps to Capture Screenshot on Freedom 251 Mobile:

Here is an ultimate guide to take screenshot or to do print screen on freedom 251 mobile

Step #1: Open the respective image/app that you to take capture

Step #3: Press Volume down & Power button together at the same time in freedom 251 mobile.

Step #4: Hold it for more than 2 seconds.

Step #5: If you hear a tick sound and also if the display faded out for a fraction of second. That’s it! The image is captured as a screenshot and stored on the gallery

Important Note: The captured screenshot image will be always default stored in Gallery Folder of Freedom 251 Phones. Now check out the taken screenshot on your Gallery Folder.

Bonus Tip: Check out how to take screenshot of WhatsApp Conversation in freedom 251 mobile if you face any problems while taking snapshot. Please comments us below. We will respond you back as soon as possible.

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